Accountable, Efficient Council

Cut Unnecessary Council Spending

Your rates should not be wasted. All spending should be done prudently and for the sole purpose of serving the community. This means unnecessary marketing campaigns, useless events and Councillor privileges should all be kept to a minimum. As a council we need to look at cutting those areas that have little or no community benefit.

A Councillor Accountable to You

If you have a problem with the Council, I'm here to help. Your Council is here to serve you. If elected, I will make myself as accessible as possible to our community. Many councillors are content to hold that title but hide from their constituents. It will be my job to ensure your voices are heard on Council and that any issues you may have are addressed.

Listen to the Community

Too often the council functions in a top-down model. A small panel agrees on plans that affect thousands of people. We need a council that is accessible and accountable to its people. A council that consults with the community sincerely, not simply to tick boxes. Returning to a model which involves more public referendums and community meetings. The council cannot continue to govern in a bubble and leave the community out of the loop.