Community First Development

Preserve Affordable Housing

Everyone should be able to afford to live in North Sydney LGA. Our has some of the highest rates of renters in Sydney. We need suburbs with housing of all off all sizes and price range.

Many people are able to live in the beautiful area because we have a diverse mix of housing.

Unfortunately, with growing rates of development, many of the more affordable dwellings have been destroyed. This leaves fewer options for people looking to rent or buy in the area.

We need to stand up to big developers who want to buy out affordable housing and replace it with newer, more expensive places.

Curb Over Development

The people of North Sydney LGA have made it very clear they are opposed to high rise buildings in inappropriate places.

Development is inevitable to a certain extent. However, the council needs to stand up for its residents. We cannot put commercial interests ahead of residents. The council can create tighter laws around developments as well as demanding greater concessions from developers.

Moreover, council should be set stricter high limits in village and residential areas.

Western Harbour Tunnel

The state government in set on building the Western Harbour Tunnel and Warringah Freeway Upgrade. Although I am not entirely opposed to the project, there are some aspects of the project that are not negotiable or need to be changed.

  1. No pollution outlets near schools or residents - Unless pollution outlets can be proven to have effective filters, they should absolutely not be built in their proposed spot. Currently, plans indicate they would be built near ANZAC Park Public School. This is unacceptable.

  2. Alternatives to Berry St entrance - Berry St cannot become an extension on the freeway. It is already a busy street with entrances to both north and south bound lanes of the Warringah Freeway. More traffic on this road will simply kill the surrounding areas which includes the Rag and Famish Hotel, Monte and other businesses on this street. This entrance needs to be moved to a location that will not increase local traffic. Potentially around High St.

  3. No destruction or construction on Cammeray Golf Course - The Cammeray Golf Course should be preserved for sport. Be it in its current form or with expended football and tennis grounds, the space must be saved. As we all know, this area has limited community green space. Destroying even part of our preexisting green space would be an awful idea. This project should only go ahead if alternative green space can be created, such as an over the highway park.

  4. Environmental impact must stack up - If this project causes any damage to our waterways, especially around Balls Head and Berry Bay, it should not go ahead.

Community Building Developments

Our area is rapidly changing. A large development project must have tighter requirements on surrounding infrastructure. This means if developers want Council approval they must provide surrounding infrastructure such as green spaces, public paths, roads and plazas (depending on the project).

Recent tower developments on the intersection of Albany St. and Pacific Highway are a key case in irresponsible development. Although this project partially in Lane Cove Council (on the council border), it shows us the issues with unchecked development. This site will inject thousands of more residents into the area with little to no community infrastructure, particularly green spaces.

North Sydney will continue to grow. It is up to council to put locals ahead of commercial interests.