Efficient Transit Infrastructure

Harbour Bridge Bike Ramp

On an average weekday 2,000 people use the cycle way over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. That's 10,000 a week. That means on the Milsons Point side 2,000 cyclists are pushing bikes up and down a stairs with a thin ramp in the middle.

This seriously outdated infrastructure needs to be addressed with a ride up ramp to access the bridge. With increased demand on the cycle way we need to provide a faster, safer way.

A new ramp would also make the road safer for pedestrians and motorist by clearing bikes off the existing surrounding paths. This project is long overdue. The Council needs to work with both state and federal entities to get this off the ground.

This upgrade could also serve as part of a wider redevelopment of the Kirribilli Markets area.

Complete the Bike Network

The Council has made decent progress over the past decade to implement a decent bike lane network. Yet the network is disjointed, incomplete and unsafe in many areas for the cyclists. We must have a complete cycle way network in North Sydney, one that clearly connects St Leonards to Milsons Point.

Not only will a complete bike network make cycling safer (especially for children) but it will improve traffic flow for motorists. A simple bike icon on the road is not a bike lane. With increased numbers of people taking up cycling for various reasons, we must have an extensive bike network.

Our area's roads and walkways are cramped. We must manage cycle, motor and foot traffic to avoid gridlock in our community.

Better Bus Stops

If we want less traffic on our roads, we need to do all we can to encourage public transport use. A simple intuitive we can do now is to ensure bus stops have appropriate shelter.

Our bus stops have a signature look and style, which I love. Yet, this only highlights how long it has been since proper shelters have been built.

In providing appropriate stop shelters, we can encourage bus riding on sunny and raining days. Importantly, these also provide better access for people. From older people, to those with prams and people with disabilities; shelters make transport easier to use.