Improved Shared Spaces

More Green Spaces

The North Shore is a dense area. With an increasing population, now more than ever the Council should be looking to increase the amount of green space in our community. We need to pursue projects such as; reclaiming land, constructing urban green spaces and expanding our existing green areas. There are many ways to ensure the people of North Sydney have plenty of space to meet, exercise, play sports or simply enjoy time outdoors.

Sydney Harbour Highline

The Sydney Harbour Highline is a proposal that would transform the Waverton to Luna Park train line into a community space. Considering the need for greater shared and green spaces in our area, reclaiming this seldom used train line stands as an excellent project.

The line starts next to Waverton Station. It cuts through the suburb just back from the foreshore, along Sawmillers Reserve before going underground beneath Blues Point. The tunnel comes out around Lavender Bay and Wendy Whiteley Secret Garden before ending at the back of Luna Park.

If we as a community could reclaim these areas we would open up our water front areas, link Milsons Point to Waverton and remove a train line that cuts through residential areas. I am in full support of this project. You can find out more about the proposal at:

Burton St Tunnel Redevelopment

Just next to Milsons Point station is the Burton St Tunnel. Running under the Bradfield Highway, the tunnel is the heart of the Kirribilli Markets.

If elected to council, I will work with Kirribilli Markets and the local community to redevelop the tunnel into a plaza area.

Currently, the tunnel is a parking lot. Imagine instead a plaza area that has some permanent market stands, green spaces, dining and recreational facilities. In reclaiming the tunnel we can create a space that links both sides of Milsons Point.

This space could better play host to the Kirribilli Markets, reduce traffic around both stairways onto the Harbour Bridge, increase retail options for locals and visitors to the area and provide more open space for a densely populated area.

Safer Paths in Busy Areas

Our business areas continue to grow at a rapid rate, especially North Sydney CBD where thousands of workers and locals visit a day. With the new metro station and Channel 9 Building the CBD will require wider and safer footpaths. I support the plan to close off Miller St (from Pacific Highway to Berry St).

This is a great start, yet many parts of the district are still overcrowded and unsafe for pedestrians. Places such as Mount St. (between Brett Whiteley Plaza and Walker St) and Little Walker St. could potentially be converted to pedestrian only spaces. This would ease density around the large office buildings, providing a community area in which people can enjoy the outdoors. Moreover, local businesses would benefit from the increased foot traffic and increase potential expansion options such as outdoor dining.

Additionally, I fully support making the Young Street Plaza a permanent feature of the Neutral Bay shopping area.

Solutions must also be sought to improve the safety of crossings around the Pacific Highway-Miller St. intersection (In front of HSBC, Greenwood Plaza and Post Office). There are unsafe amounts of pedestrians filling narrow walkways and islands. A better flowing, more accessible CBD would make the area safer for pedestrians and motorists. Additionally, improvements would do wonders for an area that has historically been viewed as devoid of vibrancy.

Transform our Council Car Parks

We live in a very dense area. As our community continues to grow, we need more public and green spaces. The council has endorsed some projects to transform parts of council car parks.

These projects aim to upgrade parts of these car parks into sports areas, arts space, retail facilities and green areas. In the past we have converted parts of car parks into excellent community spaces. The North Sydney Indoor Sport Centre, Crows Nest was built on a car park. On Ridge St, North Sydney, a council car park plays host to 4 tennis/netball courts.

We can better utilise these spaces.

If elected to council, I will make sure the following current proposals:

  • Ward St Car park, North Sydney - Transforming car park to multi use precinct. Full details -

  • Holtermann St Carpark, Crows Nest - Redevelopment to include play ground, park, community space. Full details -

I will be pushing for the redevelopment of:

  • Grosvener Lane Carpark, Neutral Bay - Convert parking space into plaza.

  • Barry St Carpark, Neutral Bay - Potential conversion into sport or plaza space.