Upgraded recreation Facilities

A Future North Sydney Indoor Sports Centre

Around 5,000 people a week walk through the doors of the North Sydney Indoor Sports Centre in the heart of Crows Nest. The centre is run by the NSBA who leases the building from the Council. As it stands this essential community space is under threat of being destroyed with no viable alternative. It is time for the Council to step up and provide a suitable indoor sporting venue for the people of North Sydney.

If elected to council I will strongly oppose the destruction of the Centre and advocate for the upgrading of the venue as part of the Hume St. redevelopment. The centre is currently running at full capacity and cannot keep up with the demands of the basketball, badminton, futsal, netball and volleyball communities in our area.

A Professional North Sydney Oval

North Sydney Oval: The home of women’s sport and an NRL club. Imagine this in our community.

Despite recent upgrades, much more investment is needed to create a truly professional venue. North Sydney Oval is the home of Norths Rugby Union, North Sydney Bears Rugby League, Northern Suburbs Cricket, Sydney Stars WBBL, NSW Cricket One Day Team and the Sunset Cinema.

Despite the important role the Oval plays in the community, it has not been seriously redeveloped since the 1980’s. We must maintain the heritage of the ground while upgrading it to meet modern standards and remain a viable sporting venue into the future.

Better Facilities for Tunks Park

Tunks Park is a unique green space. It plays host to sports from football to both rugby codes and cricket. It is also a vast green space for the broader community to enjoy and explore.

Unfortunately, the park's has underwhelming facilities that do not meet the needs of the community and clubs alike. I will work with local clubs and residents to build greater infrastructure at Tunks Park.

This could include a new pavilion with storage, change rooms, bathrooms, a function area and spectator seating. Also, new cricket nets and down facing lighting would allow for greater use of the park.

Upgrade and Expand Primrose Park Facilities

I fully support proposed plans to improve and redevelop the tennis courts at Primrose Park. However, it does not go far enough in upgrading this space.

The Council should invest in an upgrade that will last generations. This involves improving the facilities across the whole park such as toilet blocks, canteen, parking and change rooms.