My Campaign

A true independEnt

Although many candidates claim to be independent, this is simply not the case. Some candidates are active members of political parties. I am not. Although I have previously done work for Greens, Labor, and Liberal politicians but currently do not have any political affiliations. I am here to serve the community, not a political party.

Self funded

Throughout this campaign I will not be accepting donations. I desperately want to serve and represent this community. So much so, I am willing to put my own money into this campaign. Trust me, I am not what you would consider a high income earner, working at the NSBA. Yet this matters a lot to me and I am willing to work hard to gain your support. In self funding this campaign I avoid the potential for any corruption or undue influence on myself or the campaign. I am here to serve the community, not vested interests or donors.

Open and Honest

I will be honest with the people of North Sydney. If I do not know something, I will admit it. I will always tell it like it is. Too often in government, representatives will smile and nod to your face but do the opposite behind your back. I am not a perfect candidate, in fact, no one is. Candidates and councillors need to be honest with the community. If my initiatives are flawed or could be implemented better, I am fully open to updating them to serve the community better. The Council should work collaboratively with the community to get the best results in a bottom up system.